• Research and development of patent agricultural residual speed measurement card with the market occupancy of 70%.

  • Idiomatical microorganism rapid detecting card with market occupancy of 80%. Bring in German newest technology to realize food-borne microorganism rapid detection.

  • The products are various with advanced technology and high hit rate, and they can meet all the requirements of the market.

  • We cooperates with Guangdong Province Medicine Inspection Institution to develop rapid detecting products for health care products and cosmetics with the market occupancy of 90%.

  • Our company initiates animal epidemic disease blood coagulation analytic system to supply integrated solutions .

  • Our company cooperates with the team of academicians of Xiamen University to push out optimal heavy metal rapid detection schemes basing on electrochemistry platform.

  • Various detecting schemes are available for users, and they are accepted and recommended by Ministry of Health.

  • Initiate convenient equipment with three technical platforms combining together namely immunogold labeling technique, spectrophotometry, dry chemistry.


  • The enterprise landing successfully new three board among food safety rapid detection industries.

  • It owns a research and development technical team with near one hundred people among which most are doctors and masters.


Guangdong Dayuan Oasis Food Safety Technology Co.,Ltd

Located in Guangzhou Science Park in China. As national high and new technology enterprise, it is the first batch stock among food safety rapid detecting industries and it is also the professor for rapidly detecting pesticide residue and microbiology. 【MORE..】


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